Frequently Asked Questions

A: The trailer is 24 feet long, so it is quite large. The trailer can comfortably fit 16 people. We have 4 monitors, 4 video game consoles, and our bench seating is split into 4 sections. The idea is that 4 people can seat on each portion of the bench to play the different video games at once. We also have a monitor on the outside of the trailer with fold out chairs for people to play out there. Up to 8 people can play out there.

A: The gaming trailer is perfect for all ages. It can be used for adults as we have more "mature" games, as well as party games, and games geared towards kids. The trailer can also be used for sports games, sports drafts, etc. It can also be used for kids as young as 5 years old

A: Winter is actually one of the best times to have a party since the options are so limited. This is a super cool and different party idea for those with winter birthdays or events. We have heat inside the trailer so no matter how cold it is outside, we will come to your house and the trailer will keep you warm!

A: The regular video game style party is only video games for the full time you book. There will be a gaming "coach" to help with any gaming questions. A structured party uses half the time to play outdoor games with a certified PE teacher. You can choose half structured party time, half video games. You can also have half the kids do one, half the other, then switch.

A: The plus side of the trailer is that it is all inside! So if it rains, we just stay inside. We also have a tent to put outside of the outdoor monitor so kids can still play on that screen, as well. 

A: We have over 40 games! They are all listed on our website under ¨Services Offered¨ then ¨Available Games¨